Create a truck that improves freight efficiency by over 100%

Real-world results that speak for themselves

The Volvo team worked together on SuperTruck 2 to set new limits for technological development, creating a more sustainable proof-of-concept solution with improved aerodynamics, lighter construction, and better payload optimization.


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Volvo designed a completely new, aerodynamically optimized class 8 truck, from bumper to tail


The team used next-gen engineering to give SuperTruck 2 a lighter, stronger, faster, component base


SuperTruck 2 was built greater than the sum of its parts, resulting in more sustainable tractor-trailer

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Months of real-world road tests and diagnostics prove the SuperTruck 2's enhanced fright efficiency

Less fuel, more freight

Volvo retooled conventional thinking around exteriors, leaning into cab and trailer design that increased airflow and speed without sacrificing fuel economy.

Advanced cab aerodynamics

All-new cab design elements—including curved windshield, mid-roof tractor with roof fairing, precisely-minimized cab width, and more—designed to reduce total body drag and save fuel.

Adjustable ride height

Chassis ride height has been lowered, reducing frontal area and thereby aerodynamic drag. It can be raised by up to 3" for lower speed maneuverability and ground clearance.

CMS mirroring system

External mirrors replaced by Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System, reducing the size of the mirror arm and providing crystal-clear side and rear views with reduced air resistance.

Low rolling resistance tires

Tires tailor-made to reduce energy expenditure and rolling resistance, while improving the SuperTruck 2’s overall fuel economy as it travels the road.

“Everything I have learned about trucks and truck aerodynamics has gone into this SuperTruck 2 project.”

Raja Sengupta - Sr. Expert Engineer, Advanced Engineering

Lightweight build, heavy payloads

Volvo's team reviewed every component to build a SuperTruck 2 the tackles one of the biggest obstacles to fuel efficient hauling — vehicle weight — while allowing for normal cargo payloads.

Optimized aluminum chassis

Optimized cab

Lightweight trailer

Lightweight 19.5" wheels

Fewer axles, same payload

Better performance, cleaner power

At the heart of the SuperTruck 2 is its optimized powertrain, built — from design to components to installation — to be a source of cleaner, more robust, propulsive power.

48V micro hybrid engine

Integrated starter-generator

Electrified engine cooling

Electric cab heat pump

Single composite drive shaft

Lightweight optimized drive axle

The present and future of SuperTruck technology

While the team's SuperTruck 2 developments form the bedrock of Volvo's current zero-emission SuperTruck 3 work, customers can also find SuperTruck 2 influence throughout the powertrain of flagship VNL line.

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