My Truck App

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We put the power in your hands

The My Truck App simplifies your connection to your Volvo truck, accessible from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Monitor key details like distance to empty and fluid levels, and effortlessly adjust cab temperature for a comfortable ride. Ensure your truck is prepared for the next job with ease, optimizing its efficiency and simplifying pre-trip inspections.

Welcome to My Truck App

With My Truck App, you can plan your daily operations with ease, have the perfect climate ready for your journey, and improve the safety of you and your truck.

The dashboard

Monitor your truck's vital signs, including fluid levels and diagnostic lights, conveniently from your device. The dashboard provides clear updates on fuel, DEF, and engine oil levels, while also alerting you to low coolant and washer fluid levels with Dashboard Alerts.

Engine pre-heating

With one touch, you can schedule your truck’s engine to be warmed up and ready for you.

Parking climate

Manage your truck's interior temperature effortlessly from your device, regardless of your location. Utilize the Instant Climate feature for quick activation and deactivation of the climate control system with just a tap. Additionally, the parking climate timer enables you to preset the temperature and timing for ultimate comfort upon entering the truck.

Activate My Truck

To sign in to your My Truck app, you must be a Volvo Connect user with the Driver role. Contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer or your fleet administrator for access information.

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