Virtual Walk-Arounds Enable Customers to Review Truck Models Live and in High Definition

As conditions related to COVID-19 persist, Volvo Trucks North America is offering existing and potential customers the opportunity to participate in live video walk-arounds of pilot trucks, providing a high-definition look at the design and engineering details of truck models.

The Volvo Trucks Customer Center in Dublin, Va., the only facility in North America dedicated exclusively to the Volvo Trucks brand, is once again living up to its reputation for innovation and leadership by conducting live virtual presentations of new Volvo Trucks models via video conference due to physical distancing and travel restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19.

Recognized in the commercial trucking industry for best-in-class customer programs and services, the virtual walk-arounds at the Volvo Trucks Customer Center have created a new, more immersive visual experience for those looking for an up-close review of a Volvo truck. Customers are provided with an exclusive first-hand look at truck details and the opportunity to provide input, even making requests or changes to their specification.

At a recent event, the national concrete and materials company, Ozinga Bros, Inc., participated in a virtual walk-around to get a bumper-to-bumper look at Volvo Trucks’ new vocational VHD model for ready-mix concrete. While product experts presented features and advantages of the truck, live images were shared from a high-definition webcam showcasing the truck’s exterior and interior, as well as providing close-up undercarriage, powertrain, and suspension views that are very difficult to see in person.

“This has been incredibly beneficial in allowing customers to have an in-depth and up-close discussion of how they can use our trucks and services to benefit their business, even when they aren’t able to physically be here,” said Rob Simpson, director, Volvo Trucks Customer Center. “We also found that the camera’s small size and high definition let the customer get a close look at components and installations that are not easily accessible. So even with live customer visits, we will still use this technology to help them see more of our trucks.”

“This was a great opportunity for us to pay a virtual visit to the Volvo Trucks facility and enjoy a presentation that we otherwise would not have been able to schedule under the current pandemic circumstances,” said Jeff Bonnema, vice president of fleet management with Ozinga Bros., Inc. “The video experience and remote discussion with the Volvo team allowed for an up-close and personal view of the truck.”

At another recent video walk-around, the virtual event was attended by a dealer sales representative in Illinois, the dealer’s customer, Volvo Trucks corporate executives located in Greensboro, N.C., a Volvo Trucks product expert who was working remotely and the team at the Volvo Trucks Customer Center. Another pilot review included 60 attendees, with 50 participating virtually from across the United States.

“As states are relaxing their restrictions on group gatherings, we know there will be more customers and prospects wanting to visit the Volvo Trucks Customer Center,” said Simpson. “For now, the use of virtual digital technology allows us to stay connected safely and show new trucks as they come off the factory line.”

The Volvo Trucks Customer Center is currently open at a very limited capacity for in-person vehicle reviews. Volvo Trucks is encouraging customers to contact their dealer sales representative to request their own virtual experience or a hybrid presentation, which includes both online and on-site, socially distanced attendance, for a unique look at new trucks or models not available in their area. The Volvo Trucks Customer Center is able to utilize whatever video conferencing platform is preferred.

CAPTION: Due to COVID-19, the Volvo Trucks Customer Experience Center, located in Dublin, Va., is offering virtual pilot walk-arounds to give customers a high-definition and detailed look at their new truck models in lieu of the traditional in-person pilot review.

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