Volvo Trucks and Lytx Partner to Boost Safety and Performance with State-of-the-Art Video Telematics

Onboard technology from Lytx®, a leading provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics, is now available on all model-year 2022 or newer Volvo trucks as a factory-installed option. The integration of this technology reinforces Volvo Trucks’ vision Towards Zero Accidents and commitment to offering the latest safety features for its customers.

Offering video telematics is another example of Volvo Trucks’ commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions to its customers. Utilizing award-winning machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, the Lytx DriveCam® event recorder helps to monitor and evaluate driver performance by accurately identifying behaviors such as failure to wear a seatbelt, following distance and lane departure. The windshield-mounted system is designed to help improve driver safety, operational efficiency and DOT compliance, and serves as an effective tool for driver training. It can also assist in defending professional drivers when accidents occur due to other road users.

“Advanced video telematics are an important extension of Volvo Trucks’ industry-leading safety offerings, which can help improve a fleet’s safety score,” said Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America. “This in-cab technology not only helps with driver training and improving accident avoidance, but it also provides critically important information when accidents do occur.”

The plug-and-play Lytx DriveCam prep kit is easily mounted on the bottom of the truck’s windshield. The prep kit includes the full wiring package, and additional accessories can be purchased directly from the supplier. With a unique understanding of the needs of fleet owners, Volvo Trucks has placed a priority on reducing installation time in order to get new trucks on the road faster.

With live-stream functionality, the camera system enables fleet managers to troubleshoot operator issues like fatigued or distracted driving, helping to protect drivers and fleets against unforeseen risks. Always-on cellular, cloud connectivity and optional continual recording allows users to evaluate, verify and address critical moments and driver actions in real time. Further, Risk ID without Recording is a configurable option that uses precise technology to detect patterns of designated in-cab driving behaviors without having inside-lens footage stored on the device.

“The telematics of the Lytx DriveCam can be configured to meet a wide range of needs, from a single owner-operator to a complete fleet management solution,” said Eliot Feldstein, senior vice president, corporate development at Lytx. “Our onboard vehicle technology enables Volvo Trucks to further raise the bar when it comes to innovation and safety options for its customers in the heavy-duty trucking industry.”

CAPTION: As part of its ongoing pursuit of safety, innovation and leadership, Volvo Trucks North America is partnering with Lytx to leverage its state-of-the-art in-cab video telematics.

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