Volvo Trucks to Exhibit Industry-Leading Sustainable Freight Transport Solutions and Supporting Ecosystem at ACT Expo 2023

Anaheim, CA – Volvo Trucks North America will showcase its latest generation Volvo VNR Electric model on the showroom floor at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on May 1-4, 2023. The truck is one of 126 Volvo VNR Electric trucks that are being deployed by Volvo Trucks’ customer Performance Team, a Maersk Company. Volvo Trucks will also have on display its fuel efficient D13TC (Turbo Compounded) engine, which can be paired with the award winning I-Torque package which maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising performance, drivability, or productivity. The booth will also feature future innovative technologies with the cellcentric hydrogen fuel cell and the e-axle electric driveline concept which was announced in the fall of 2022. Volvo Autonomous Solutions will also have their VNL760 integrated with the Aurora Driver, which is in testing and development to provide autonomous long-haul freight solutions in North America.

The Volvo Trucks press conference will be held Tuesday, May 2, at 2:50 pm at ACT Expo booth #5464. The company will share insights on the expansion and continued scaling of the electromobility ecosystem and expanded availability of the comprehensive Volvo Blue service contract — the adaptive dealer-managed service plan — which is paired with enhanced connectivity. The press conference will also highlight the latest advancements with Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Volvo Energy. Additionally, ACT Expo will be the first time in North America that Volvo Trucks will showcase the e-axle and fuel cell, which are future technologies in leading the shift to a decarbonized future. Volvo Construction Equipment will also join the press conference to brief the media on its latest developments in mid-size fully electric construction equipment.

“ACT Expo is the premier event to showcase the development and deployment of Volvo Trucks’ expansive electromobility ecosystem that supports our VNR Electric models and display the innovative technologies that will support future generations of trucks,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America. “We are proud to lead the shift towards sustainable transport solutions, working with three technology paths to reach our 2030, 2040, and 2050 goals of a net zero future. Technologies that we offer today to reduce fleets’ environmental footprint include our VNR Electric trucks, optimized advanced technology internal combustion engines (ICE) such as the D13TC with I-Torque, and supporting connectivity services, combined with future technologies like hydrogen in both fuel cell and ICE applications."

Throughout the four-day fleet-focused clean technology event, Volvo’s executive leadership team will participate in speaking engagements to share insight how the company is “Leading the Shift” in scaling and deploying decarbonized transport solutions and provide details on the service and support ecosystem offered by Volvo Trucks and its dealer partners. Experts will also highlight new product and service offerings, including the award-winning I-Torque spec and the advancements within autonomous solutions.

Speaking engagements at ACT Expo 2023 among the Volvo Trucks and Volvo Group executive team include:

The enhanced Volvo VNR Electric 6x2 tractor, currently operated by Performance Team, will be on display in Volvo Trucks’ booth and is equipped with a six-battery-pack configuration, 455 hp and 4,051 lb.-ft. of torque, two-speed I-Shift automated manual transmission, 14,600 lb. front axle, 40,000 lb. rear axle, and a 565-kWh total battery capacity with a charge rate of up to 250kW DC.

A charger from Gilbarco Veeder-Root will be featured as an example of the charging solutions that are part of Volvo Trucks’ Vendor Direct Shipping Program that enables customers to procure mobile and fixed electric vehicle (EV) charging hardware solutions directly from Volvo Trucks dealers when they purchase and finance Volvo VNR Electric trucks.

The Volvo Trucks booth will showcase a Volvo Autonomous Solutions VNL 760 with an integrated Aurora Driver for future hub-to-hub operations, representing an important step towards launching fully autonomous Class 8 trucks commercially in North America. Also on display is a prototype fuel cell, representing what is currently being developed by Volvo Trucks in the advancement of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

To learn more about Volvo Trucks North America and read about the latest technological innovations and vehicle deployments, visit the company website.

CAPTION: A next generation Volvo VNR Electric truck that has been deployed by customer Performance Team, a Maersk Company, will be showcased in the Volvo Trucks North America booth #5464 at ACT Expo in Anaheim, California, May 1-4, 2023.

CAPTION: A fuel cell from the cellcentric partnership, which is undergoing active development and testing in Sweden, will be showcased in the Volvo Trucks North America booth #5464 at ACT Expo - Anaheim, California, May 1-4, 2023.

CAPTION: A prototype of Volvo Trucks’ electric rear axle will be showcased in the Volvo Trucks North America booth #5464 at ACT Expo - Anaheim, California, May 1-4, 2023.

CAPTION: A long-haul Volvo VNL 760, integrated with the Aurora Driver autonomous technology will be showcased in the Volvo Trucks North America booth #5464 at ACT Expo - Anaheim, California, May 1-4, 2023.

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