Why Volvo

Driving Progress. It’s our promise.

At Volvo Trucks, we have an unmatched tradition of pushing the limits, setting new standards and driving innovation. Not for its own sake, but because it matters. It matters to truck drivers, truck owners, the transport industry – even to society as a whole.

We’re always engaged and ready to embrace new challenges. To apply our knowledge, commitment and creativity to come up with better solutions, large and small. Solutions that enhance safety, make customers operations more successful, and contribute to a more sustainable future. This is leading innovation – by people, for people.

At Volvo Trucks, our main focus is meeting the needs of our customers. This is achieved by focusing on four principles: fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime.

Fuel Efficiency

Innovative technology. Optimized power. Improved aerodynamics.

1: Fuel Efficiency

Driver Productivity

Work space. Living space. Productive space.

2: Driver Productivity


The guiding principle for everything we do.

3: Safety