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The Engine that Redefines Versatility

Ideal for applications operating at 65 mph, the D13TC engine for the new Volvo VNL uses turbo compounding to capture and harness energy typically lost through the exhaust. This gives you greater fuel efficiency and increased power.

More from every drop

Up to


fuel efficiency improvement

The D13TC uses a waste heat recovery system to save fuel by capturing lost energy.

Peak Torque

As low as



With a wider torque band, the D13TC increases driver productivity and performance.

Less waste, more power

Up to


extra HP on 425-455 ratings

By funneling waste heat, the D13TC converts exhaust energy into mechanical energy.

360° View

Direct drive efficiency at 55 mph. Over drive efficiency at 65 mph.

Simple Design

The simplest turbocharger design is one whose turbine geometry are fixed. With fewer moving parts there is less chance for mechanical failure. Which is why the D13TC simple design makes it the most reliable engine we've ever built.

Last Longer

The D13TC delivers extra horsepower while operating at lower RPM, so there’s less strain on the engine. The fixed geometry turbo is designed to meet the 1.2 million mile B50 life of the engine, with no extra maintenance required.

Shifting Forward

By combining the next generation of I-Shift with the D13TC, you get application-specific solutions that exceed expectations for fuel efficiency, performance and driver productivity.

A Look Inside the D13TC

A truly unique engine for a truly unique truck. Available only for VNL, the D13TC brings even better fuel economy savings and more power.

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