Better data drives productivity.

The most connected Class 8 truck in North America.

Increase productivity and savings with near real-time, industry-leading onboard telematics and diagnostics data

MyTruck App

Drivers have complete remote vehicle access with the industry-leading connectivity that powers the new My Truck App. From viewing status reports and engine fluid levels on your mobile device to adjusting cab settings before you get on the road, the MyTruck App means less time braving the elements and more time in your element.

Remote Diagnostics

Analysis of critical fault codes leading to immediate communication and recommendations. Average diagnostic times are reduced up to 70% and average repair times more than 20%.

Remote Programming

Remote programming allows over-the-air updates of software and parameters, so there’s no need to remove trucks from service. Updated trucks have nearly half the faults and almost 25% fewer dealer visits.


With ASIST, you have the power to monitor vehicle status, review estimates, issue purchase orders, approve repairs, and communicate directly with a dealer.

Volvo Action Service

24/7 assistance in the U.S. or Canada. One phone call connects you with highly-trained uptime experts to manage service, schedule repairs, and more.

Volvo Connect

Volvo Connect is a simple, convenient interface connecting you to all of the critical aspects and digital services of your truck. Volvo Connect is your key to a more productive, more profitable business—whether you're managing fleet health or monitoring your own day-to-day operation on a single vehicle.

Map Location

Near real-time visualization for one or one thousand vehicles. Get insight into equipment status and utilization to help maximize productivity.

Fuel Economy Reports

Identify trends and compare vehicles and routes to maximize profitability. Includes a view of current vehicle fuel levels and a fuel receipt verification function.

Safety Reports

Critical data to support your driver coaching programs and compare performance across your fleet or industry wide. Quickly access safety-related event alerts by vehicle.

Fleet Health Monitoring Dashboard

Customize your dashboard to view the last 24 hours of vehicle travel information, integrating onboard and third-party data.

Partnered Vendor Solutions

By partnering with leading providers, we integrate smart technologies seamlessly into the VNL.