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More power. More torque. Less fuel.

No compromises. The Volvo VNL with Turbo Compound saves up to 16%* fuel and still offers all the power you want. Enjoy the ride!

Save up to 16% on Fuel

Join our four-legged friends on their ride in the uncompromising Volvo VNL with Turbo Compound. Powerful enough to keep all crew members happy while saving up to 16%* fuel.

Ready for any application

The Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine now offers fuel savings for a wider variety of applications than ever before. Fleets that run variable load applications, including tanker, bulk haul and flat-bed deliveries, can benefit from Volvo’s next-generation Turbo Compound system.

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People think of fuel efficiency as a single numeric value—MPG—but so much goes into that one number. At Volvo Trucks, fuel efficiency is an entire philosophy developed around how customers operate their vehicles.

Explaining Turbo Compound

Now standard with our Volvo VNL, the D13TC engine delivers unmatched fuel savings. See how the simple, yet unique technology works.

The standard for long haul

The Volvo VNL is built to exceed your expectations and will continue to set the standards of excellence today and tomorrow.

Explore the VNL

Next-Gen D13TC

A truly unique engine for a truly unique truck. Available only for Volvo VNL, the D13TC brings even better fuel economy savings and more power.

Explore the D13TC engine

An engineer is only as good as your feedback

Talking Fuel With Joel and Allison

Joel and Allison talk D13TC engine, gear ratios, downspeeding, and how some way, way out-there ideas got built into better fuel efficiency.

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The Xceed Package

Our most efficient package ever, the XCEED package is a cost savings breakthrough that includes our D13TC engine, FlowBelow Aerokit, and an optimized wheelbase. This is what up to 16% better fuel efficiency looks like.

The Advanced Package

With a focus on dry van applications, the Advanced package has an improved fuel efficiency by up to 12%. Featuring the D13TC engine, I-Shift with I-See predictive cruise, and excellent aerodynamics, this is the fuel efficiency package for specialized long-haul.

The Plus Package

The highly versatile Plus package is perfect for regional haul routes transversing both highway and urban areas. Combining both aero improvements and a state-of-the-art powertrain, the Plus package provides up to 4% savings in efficiency.

XCEED walkaround

Take a closer look at the features that make the XCEED package our most fuel efficient option ever.

Advanced walkaround

See the way design and power come together in the Advanced package to create efficiency in the way trucks work.

Plus walkaround

Volvo Trucks is building fuel efficiency into every application. See how the Plus package might work for you.

How much can you save?

Turbo Compound Calculator

Compare the cost of fuel and DEF consumption between some of our previous engines and the new Variable Geometry Turbocharger or the Turbo Compounding engines.

D13TC Calculator

Dave Nemo Show Episodes

Adaptability, Drivability of the D13TC engine

In this edition of the Dave Nemo Show, our Director of Product Marketing, Johan Agebrand and Senior Driver and Vice President for Fleet Equipment Procurement at Ploger Transportation break down how the D13TC engine is a good fit for most applications, why it’s considered a driver’s engine, and how it integrates with our Volvo I-Shift transmission – the most advanced transmission in the industry.

25 years of Changing the Game

The VNL revolutionized the trucking industry with its low-profile, aerodynamic shape and Volvo has continued to set new standards for trucking in North America since then. Allison Athey is here, and Joel Morrow is here from Ploger working with together to think of new solutions and test them in the real world.

A Holistic Approach to Fuel Efficiency

In this show, our Director of Product Marketing, Johan Agebrand and Senior Driver and Vice President for Fleet Equipment Procurement at Ploger Transportation continue their discussion on Volvo Trucks takes a holistic approach to saving fuel – incorporating aero improvements with an integrated powertrain.

Spec’ing for Success

In this episode, Senior Driver and Vice President for Fleet Equipment Procurement at Ploger Transportation runs down how the VNL with the D13TC engine is the perfect choice and what other factors go into spec’ing for his fleet.

Thinking Outside the Box for Fuel Efficiency

In this episode, our Director of Product Marketing, Johan Agebrand and Senior Driver and Vice President for Fleet Equipment Procurement at Ploger Transportation discuss Adaptive Loading, a 6x2 lifted axle solution and Volvo I-See, a predictive cruise control solution that learns roads the ahead.

Real World “D13TC” Results

Hear from our Director of Product Marketing, Johan Agebrand and Product Marketing Manager, Allison Athey as they take us through real world results from customers using the Volvo VNL with the D13TC engine.

Examining every aspect of fuel efficiency

See the Volvo Trucks Magazine story that explains how efficiency is built into every aspect of our trucks — from design and powertrain to applications and connectivity.

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Nova Scotia’s Tom MacDonald Trucking is reaping the benefits of the new D13TC technology.

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Fuel efficiency is nearby

With more than 430 dealers across North America, the quality care, maintenance, and Volvo Trucks Uptime Services you expect are always available to make sure your trucks stay where they belong—on the road.

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*When equipped with XCEED Fuel Efficiency package, compared to 2020 baseline model which includes VGT engine and no aero features. Fuel efficiency results may vary based on model, options content, and more.