Local agility for volume delivery.


Local agility for volume delivery.

Designed for nimble handling and optimized for maximum payload, the VAH 300 daycab is the answer for auto-hauling routes that are short on miles, but long on volume. The short BBC daycab configuration offers a tighter turning radius, to make your drivers happy. It also keeps your bottom line healthy, by carrying up to 11 vehicles per load.

Maximum payload, optimized efficiency, and premium features are all standard fare for this local productivity specialist.

Regional ready and urban friendly.

If your auto transport business stretches from multi-stop local delivery routes to full loads hauled region-wide, you need an all-position player. The VAH 400 maintains maneuverability, but adds a 42-inch sleeper for a comfortable rest when you’re on the road overnight. This multi-role performer delivers maximum payload, urban agility, and a good night’s rest.

Living well on the long haul.

When long-haul distances and short deadlines require spending several nights on the road, auto haulers need a premium sleeper cab. If the open road is your home, the VAH 640 makes life more comfortable, productive, and safe with a 61-inch sleeper that delivers plenty of space for rest, meals, and paperwork. The spacious sleeper offers room for a 36-inch-wide bed, plenty of storage in cabinets fitted with securely closing doors, as well as space for amenities such as a refrigerator.

VAH Features

A smooth comfortable ride and superior noise suppression are just a couple of the premium VAH features designed to enhance driver productivity.

VAH Interior

The interior of the VAH has been optimized to reduce distraction and give the driver critical information at a quick glance.

VAH Specifications

Every business needs a truck tailored to its specific needs. With a wide range of cab sizes, powertrain choices, and interior trim levels, you’ll find all the options you need.

Experience The VAH

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