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Taking you Further with Electric

Our constant drive to innovate has made us the global leader in electromobility for Class 8 vehicles. The VNR Electric is proof of our commitment to reduce pollution, noise, and traffic on crowded urban streets. Today we are proud to introduce enhanced VNR Electric models that feature up to 85% improvement in range, faster charging, and a wider range of configurations.

275 mile


565 kWh

Battery Capacity

90 minute

80% Charge


With you every step

We’ve spent years developing complete solutions for electromobility.
No OEM is more qualified to help you walk through each decision as you develop your electric fleet.

Charging Infrastructure

Volvo Trucks will advise you as you select your third-party charging stations. We’ll also help as you define your requirements with local utilities.

Volvo Gold Contract

Our new Volvo Gold Contract comes standard on each electric truck and provides peace of mind covering maintenance, towing, uptime services, and full coverage of major components.


Volvo Trucks and Volvo Financial Services can assist you in securing financing for both vehicles and infrastructure, so your transition to electric is easier.



Enhanced Configurations

An expanded six-battery system now provides greater flexibility in hauling. Our 6x2 and 6x4 offerings can cover up to 275 miles on a single charge. This six-battery configuration makes electrification viable for a wide range of local and regional fleet operations.

In addition, our improved four-battery system is available in five configurations. Order it as a tractor with 4x2, 6x2, or 6x4 setup. Or choose a straight truck with 4x2 or 6x2 axle option. Whatever your need, here’s a VNR Electric that fits your local delivery application.

Proven Drivetrain

The VNR’s drivetrain is rated at 455 hp with up to 4,051 lb/ft torque. This allows for quick starts and excellent responsiveness in the close quarters of urban delivery. The fully-integrated driveline features Volvo’s two-speed I-Shift automated transmission for smooth acceleration. Our VNR Electric is capable of highway speeds.

Charged Up

When you finally need a charge, the energy storage system can be charged to 80% in 60 minutes in a 4 a battery configuration, and 90 minutes in a 6 battery configuration – with a 250kW charger. Both CCS1 & CCS2 connectors are available.

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With great power, comes great range

We're proud to introduce our next-gen VNR Electric model, with an 85% increase in range, up to 275 miles. Watch the short product video here.

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Get a closer look

Check out North America’s first commercially available Class 8 vehicle up close. Our walkaround video gives a detailed look at the new VNR electric models.

It’s still a VNR

While the VNR Electric is revolutionary, the truck itself is immediately familiar, based on the highly popular Volvo VNR. Drivers will instantly recognize the maneuverability, visibility, and safety that are part of every VNR.

A great workplace just got even better

With electromobility comes several benefits like quieter cities, cleaner air, better traffic flow and a better working environment for all. Less noise also means less stress and reduced fatigue for the driver, improving their work environment.

Stand for sustainability

As the global leader in zero-emission electric trucks, Volvo is committed to reducing pollution, noise, and traffic on crowded urban streets. When charged with renewable energy, the VNR Electric is highly energy efficient with no climate impact.

Pioneering effort

The Volvo LIGHTS Project

Volvo LIGHTS, is a unique collaboration between Volvo Trucks and 15 other organizations to develop vehicle, charging and workforce innovations critical for the commercial success of battery electric trucks and equipment.

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We can't compromise

The VNR Electric incorporates our highest safety standards in cab and chassis construction, with additional protection built into the battery cage. And includes the latest active safety features such as Volvo Active Driver Assist and lane departure warning.

Safety is standard

Included with the VNR Electric is Volvo Active Driver Assist, which is forward collision avoidance technology that helps drivers adapt and respond to changing traffic situations to help reduce the risk of collision. We take camera and radar technology and combine them together, working in unison to give the driver the best information available.

Batteries too

Collision tests. Barrier tests. Head impact tests. The VNR Electric cab has passed them all and they’re the toughest cabs around. You’re always well protected. Now, a side impact protection barrier integrated into the mounting system of the battery box.

Meet the VNR family

The VNR Electric straight truck is ideal for local pickup and delivery applications that commonly require a van body. With a range of up to 230 miles, this electric unit can handle demanding routes with multiple stops on a single charge.

The VNR Electric 6x4 straight truck is ideal for local pickup and delivery applications that commonly require a van body. With a range of up to 190 miles, this electric unit can carry a GVW of up to 54,000 lbs.

The VNR Electric 4x2 tractor is designed for local and regional delivery where maneuverability is crucial. The 4x2 offers a range of up to 175 miles and can carry a GCW of up to 66,000 lbs.

Our VNR Electric 6x2 tractor is designed for local and regional delivery when heavier payloads are involved. The 6x2 model offers a range of up to 275 miles and can carry a GCW of up to 82,000 lbs. in specific applications. Available in a 4 or 6 battery configuration based on your fleet need.

An expanded six-battery system now provides greater flexibility in hauling beyond local, urban routes. Our 6x4 offering can cover up to 275 miles on a single charge. This six-battery configuration makes electrification for a wide range of local and regional fleet operations.

Setting the standard

Volvo Trucks introduces North America’s most comprehensive service contract to launch the VNR Electric. Our new Volvo Gold Contract provides peace-of-mind that includes maintenance, towing, unplanned repair and uptime services. Easy and flexible monthly payment options for the Gold Contract are available; please contact your local Volvo Trucks Dealership for full pricing and content details.

Download the Volvo Gold Contract brochure

Real-Time, All the time

Volvo is the hands down leader in connectivity, and the VNR Electric is no different. We've developed a best-in-class, real-time diagnostic system, available in every truck we build. Unparalleled connectivity and service experts available 24/7.

We’ve got you covered

Using the industry’s most advanced telematics and real-time diagnostic system, our battery monitoring service allows the Volvo Uptime Center to proactively work with customers. The system forecasts the remaining useful life of the vehicle battery packages, maximizing battery life and optimizing maintenance and charging procedures.


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A Holistic Electromobility Solution

“Growing urbanization is driving more transportation needs, so we need to find sustainable solutions and an electric driveline allows us to have a sustainable solution.“ - Brett Pope, Director, Electric Vehicles.

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Application and Fit

“Where we see it makes the most sense is in regional distribution, so the VNR Electric is centered around pickup and delivery, local food and beverage, and also urban and regional distribution.” - Chris Stadler, Product Marketing Manager.

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The Gold Contract

“The Gold Contract is so important for the VNR Electric because while the technology is not new to us it is new to our customers - and we want to give them peace of mind.” - Mark Curri, Senior Vice President, Uptime and Customer Support.

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“The first thing the customer is going to notice when they get into the truck to drive is the uninterrupted torque and smooth acceleration.” - John Moore, Senior Product Manager, Electric Vehicles.

The future is now

The VNR Electric Virtual Launch

We're excited to have you join us as we introduce the Volvo VNR Electric.

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