Comfort comes standard.

With back and lateral support, front and rear cushion adjustment, fore/aft isolation, 7-inch fore-and-aft slide,and power air lumbar support, the standard seats offer drivers an incredibly comfortable ride.

Like riding on air.

Volvo cab air suspensions and outboard mounted air springs, shocks, and stabilizer bar help give drivers a smooth ride.

A quiet place to work.

A thick layer of insulation combined with some of the running engines in the industry keeps the cab comfortable and quiet.

Everything important, all in one place.

With the centrally located instrument cluster with Driver Information Display (DID), a quick look is all it takes. Analog gauges like fuel, speed, and rpm complement the digital DID’s optional Performance Bonus Display.

Easy in and out.

Doors are 3+ feet wide and 4+ feet high, and open a full 70 degrees for ease of access and ergonomically placedgrab handles prove the safest and most secure way in and way out of the cab.

Connect and enjoy.

Expandable audio systems let you connect mobile devices through Bluetooth, USB, and AUX.

Staying Cool.

Keep your sleeper cab at just the right temperature with Volvo’s integrated battery-powered parking cooler. The factory-installed HVAC option eliminates the need to idle your engine to cool the sleeper. Availability: Volvo VNR 640, VNL 630, VNL 670, VNX 630, and VAH 630 models.

Driving in Comfort Volvo Trucks

Driver's Welcome

Make yourself at Home

All The Comforts Of Home

When the day is done, driver's need a place to relax and recharge. That's why we designed the VNL series sleepers with those little touches that make a VNL truck feel like home away from home.

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