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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Service & Repair Customer Portal?

This is our legacy service portal that allows customers to access VIN specific repair information, connect to our PartsASIST application for part ordering and training.

To register, contact your dealer

2. What is the Volvo Connect portal?

Volvo Connects gathers and connects critical aspects of your business -your trucks, your services and your applications, in a single integrated view. Think of it as your control center. A single access point for you to maximize uptime and make your Volvo fleet more efficient and productive.

Access today is granted by invitation only.

3. Emissions Service Information Subscriptions (SIR)?

SIR or “Service Information Rule” is an EPA compliant access to repair information for emission purposes. Anyone can register and pay the small fee to sign up. Please note: not ALL information is available and it is restricted to emissions related topics.

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4. Does the Service Portal include diagnostics?

No, Tech Tool (Volvo’s diagnostic software) is not included in the suite of service tools added to the Trucks Customer Portal (Service Portal). Tech Tool is a subscription based diagnostic tool that can be ordered here:

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