Volvo Trucks unveils latest video in ‘Welcome to My Cab’ series

Volvo Trucks recently debuted the third North American episode in its popular "Welcome to My Cab" video series featuring Kenn and Beth Zelten, a husband-and-wife owner-operator team, and "Kermit," their custom-decorated green Volvo VNL 730.

The Zeltens have been driving together for more than 25 years, having bought their first Volvo model in 1989. They took delivery of Kermit in early 2015 and added custom graphics that feature water, butterflies and birds.

"We are nature lovers," Kenn Zelten said. "Green is a symbol of our environment. I mean this truck is clean. It puts out cleaner air than it takes in most of the time, and that's important to us."

"We like the fact that when people see it they smile," Beth Zelten said.

While they are veteran drivers, the Zeltens still embrace the latest technology. For example, their Volvo VNL 730 features Adaptive Loading, Volvo's new fully integrated 6x2 liftable forward axle. Adaptive Loading improves fuel efficiency and lowers maintenance costs by automatically converting from a 6x2 configuration to 4x2 when lightly loaded.

"We got all the bells and whistles we could get on it because it is my last truck," Kenn Zelten said, who mentioned he is nearing retirement.

The "Welcome to My Cab" series offers professional truck drivers a way to show their appreciation of large trucks and inspire others. Volvo drivers can visit to enter for a chance to be featured.

"We are proud to spotlight professional truck drivers and their passion for their equipment and their profession with the ‘Welcome to My Cab' series," said Magnus Koeck, Volvo Trucks vice president, marketing and brand management. "We look forward to sharing the stories of more drivers, their trucks and their work, which is so important for our lives and economy."

Click the image below, or visit to view the "Welcome to My Cab" episode featuring the Zeltens and Kermit.

Volvo Trucks launched the "Welcome to My Cab" series in Europe in 2009, and it debuted in North America in 2014. Previous installments feature Jon and Miriam Brown, owners of a custom-chassis Volvo VNL daycab, and Tim Baumgartner, owner of "Freedom Flyer," a patriotic-themed Volvo VNL.

After more than 25 years on the road together, Kenn and Beth Zelten chose "Kermit," a custom-decorated green Volvo VNL 730, to be their last truck. The veteran owner-operators spec'd Kermit with Adaptive Loading, Volvo's new fully integrated 6x2 liftable forward axle system.

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