Volvo Trucks Continues Leading the Shift Towards Sustainable Transport Solutions, Tripling the Number of Certified EV Dealerships in One Year

Anaheim, California – Volvo Trucks has announced that it has tripled the number of Certified Electric Vehicle (EV) Dealerships in North America, growing from 12 locations in May 2022 to 36 locations in 19 states in May 2023 with an additional 56 locations in process. Certified EV Dealerships comprise a key cornerstone in the Volvo Trucks electromobility ecosystem which is on display at its booth at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. To date, Volvo Trucks has delivered 251 VNR Electric trucks from the New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia and continues to lead the shift toward decarbonized freight transportation.

The Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealership program was designed to ensure the robust sales and service ecosystem required to support customers with the commercial deployment of Class 8 battery-electric trucks. Additional certified locations in three new states – Alabama, Delaware, and Oklahoma – as well as 56 more dealership locations in process were announced during a press event on Tuesday, May 2, at ACT Expo.

Dealership support is critical to the successful adoption of battery-electric trucks and Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce the successful EV certification of these new dealerships:

“Volvo Trucks is proud to be leading the deployment of Class 8 battery-electric trucks across North America, but we are even more proud to have been the first OEM to understand the need to create a robust and total ecosystem of support for Class 8 battery-electric trucks.” said Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America. “Our dealer partners have invested in the zero-emission future with us because they understand the future is here today. Battery-electric trucks are on the road and scaling - and we have the experience and expertise to guide fleets through successfully adopting the Volvo VNR Electric into their operations to make a real impact on decarbonization.”

Volvo Trucks has continued to focus on designing and implementing innovative tools, programs and services to support customers with their transition to electromobility solutions. The Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealership program was introduced in 2020 as part of the Volvo LIGHTS Project, during which TEC Equipment, Volvo Trucks’ largest West Coast dealer group, supported the first Volvo VNR Electric demonstration trucks. Just three years later, Volvo Trucks has certified 36 dealers in 19 states and three Canadian provinces. Fifty-six additional locations are in the process of becoming Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealerships, that will add 18 new states for a total of 37 U.S. states and one new province for a total of four Canadian provinces.

Dealerships located coast to coast throughout North America have completed the rigorous training and facility upgrades needed to be named a Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealership.

  • Alabama
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Quebec, Canada

Sales teams at Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealerships are prepared to consult with customers that are considering investing in the Volvo VNR Electric model and have access to a variety of resources and digital tools designed to help customers decarbonize their fleet and maximize vehicle performance and benefits. Service teams at Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealerships are fully trained and equipped to safely perform preventative maintenance and repairs for battery-electrics trucks in operation and support the comprehensive Volvo Gold Service Contract.

The Volvo Gold Contract, Volvo Trucks’ premier service offering for the Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric model is a turn-key solution that allows customers to have operational peace of mind with electric trucks. It includes the full Uptime Services bundle for the Volvo VNR Electric, combining Volvo Trucks’ battery monitoring service with its trusted Remote Diagnostics, Volvo Action Service and ASIST, via the 24/7 Uptime Center.

Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealerships provide scheduled and preventive maintenance, towing, and vehicle repair, including servicing the vehicle’s energy storage unit and the complete electromobility system, to ensure peak vehicle uptime, performance, and productivity.

“Having a supporting EV Certified Dealership is critical to a successful deployment of battery-electric vehicles. Once a customer expresses interest in adding a VNR Electric truck to a specific region, we immediately engage the local servicing dealer to ensure certification process is completed or underway and will be ready to support the Volvo VNR Electric upon delivery,” said Alexis Clemons, electromobility sales manager, Volvo Trucks North America.

To learn more about Volvo Trucks North America and the Volvo VNR Electric, visit the company website. To find a Volvo Trucks Certified EV dealership near you visit the company’s Find a Dealer page.

CAPTION: Investing in the Volvo VNR Electric truck is only part of the equation—it takes an entire ecosystem supported by a Volvo Trucks Certified Electric Vehicle Dealer to successfully transition to battery-electric trucks.

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