Drivers Experience Fuel Efficiency without Compromise with Volvo Trucks I-Torque

Volvo Trucks North America is proud to report that fleets across North America are increasingly choosing to spec trucks with Volvo I-Torque technology — its innovative powertrain solution that delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency for Class 8 diesel freight trucks. Introduced in early 2022, Volvo I-Torque is being utilized by fleets to maximize fuel efficiency without compromising performance, drivability, or productivity.

The Volvo I-Torque technology combines a high-efficiency powertrain — including the D13TC (Turbo Compound) engine with a 13-speed automated manual transmission and rear axle ratios as low as 2.15 — with Volvo Truck’s I-See terrain-aware, predictive cruise control technology. By leveraging the I-See technology, the Volvo I-Torque technology pre-selects the optimal combination of engine RPM and gear selection needed based on the topography of the road ahead, enabling the driver to manage speed and gear-shifting in the most fuel-efficient way. The D13TC engine has been used for over 4.3 billion miles of freight transport in North America since 2017.

“I-Torque is designed to provide increased fuel mileage by combining the advantages of direct drive with the performance and flexibility of overdrive. Properly spec'd trucks are seeing up to 8.5 miles per gallon at speeds of 55-85 miles per hour, depending on the truck weight and terrain of the route” said Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America. “The D13TC engine with I-Torque should become the top choice for fleet managers who are focused on cutting fuel costs and decreasing their carbon footprint, while at the same time increasing productivity. Drivers love the technology because it reduces noise and vibrations, making for a more pleasant driving experience.”

Drivers can learn more about how the I-Torque system performs in real-world conditions by tuning into a new video mini-series on YouTube featuring fuel-efficiency forerunner and social influencer, Joel Morrow. Morrow, a 36-year veteran driver with 4.5 million miles of driving experience and former vice president of equipment procurement at Ploger Transportation is currently applying his more than three decades of driving and spec’ing experience as founder and chief executive officer at Alpha Drivers Testing and Consulting. Follow along as Morrow details his experiences and showcases his fuel-savings data while driving a custom spec'd 2022 Volvo VNL 760 truck nicknamed “Purple Haze,” which features both the D13TC engine and I-Torque.

“Joel Morrow and his ‘Purple Haze’ truck have delivered real proof points on the best-in-class efficiency and performance attainable with Volvo I-Torque technology. We are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic customer sharing his driving experience,” noted Voorhoeve.

You can see the Volvo Trucks "No Compromise" video series by visiting Volvo Trucks North America on YouTube.

To learn more about Volvo Trucks North America, powertrains and fuel efficiency, visit the company website.

CAPTION: The Volvo I-Torque powertrain solution is delivering on the promise to provide best-in-class fuel efficiency, without compromising performance, drivability and productivity.

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