The All-New Volvo VNL: Designed to Change Everything for Drivers

The most driver-centric truck ever built by Volvo Trucks.

The all-new Volvo VNL from Volvo Trucks North America is the most driver-focused truck ever built for North America and is a 90% new design from the previous VNL. The groundbreaking model emphasizes unparallelled driving comfort and operational efficiency with game changing active and passive safety features all while boasting a premium living and resting environment to make drivers feel at home even when they are thousands of miles away. Additionally, the all-new Volvo VNL features a comprehensive suite of connectivity tools to provide drivers with insights and remote access to their vehicle whether they’re in the truck or enjoying time at home.

"I drove the all-new Volvo VNL many times during its development and saw how our engineers improved it at every stage of testing – I can assure you, it is a huge advancement for drivers. Driving it myself helped me appreciate the features and design that make the all-new Volvo VNL the most driver-focused truck on the market," said Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America. "We've focused on adding driver-centric innovations and advanced connectivity to meet the changing needs of today's tech-savvy drivers, aiming to provide an unmatched driving experience."

Modern Technology for Professional Drivers

The all-new Volvo VNL is the most connected truck Volvo Trucks has ever built and with the new My Truck app, drivers can stay connected to their truck at all times through their smartphone or tablet. The My Truck app provides unprecedented insights to their truck, including fuel and fluid levels (e.g., diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and engine oil), as well as maintenance notifications, enabling drivers to address potential issues at rest breaks or in their pre-trip inspection. Additionally, with the My Truck app, drivers can schedule specific days and times to set the cabin climate control to their preferred temperature before starting their workday.

“There are so many enhancements in the driving, and resting environment because we are preparing for a new generation of driver while also catering to veteran drivers who are looking for the latest and greatest in design and innovation. Even things as simple as our industry first push button ignition makes the statement that the all-new Volvo VNL is the next generation truck for the industry,” said Magnus Koeck, vice president, marketing and brand management, Volvo Trucks North America. “The next generation of drivers are diverse, innovative, technologically savvy, and environmentally conscious. They care about the planet and demand efficient trucks with modern technology and connectivity features. The all-new Volvo VNL caters to their preferences, offering a digital experience that matches their sophistication.”

The all-new Volvo VNL introduces a new era of efficiency with its advanced idle management system, featuring the ultra-quiet Volvo Parking Cooler. This integrated solution not only reduces emissions, but also cuts fuel costs. The innovative Volvo Parking Cooler, serving as an integrated climate-control option, leverages battery power to operate the cab’s HVAC system when parked overnight, eliminating engine idling. This not only ensures a quieter, more vibration-free sleeping environment for drivers, but also contributes to lower emissions, reduced engine wear, and fuel savings. Designed to conserve fuel and prolong battery life, the all-new Volvo VNL delivers cutting-edge idle reduction technology and an automatic idle shutdown feature. These advancements work towards Volvo Trucks’ commitment to environmental stewardship and cost efficiency.

The cab also features enhanced insulation for noise reduction and climate control efficiency. The all-new Volvo VNL’s overlapping curtains with a magnetic seal include both windshield and bunk curtains to virtually eliminate light in the cabin and provide the driver full control over their sleep environment. The bunk curtains are available with an optional thermal barrier for warmer or colder locations. Volvo Trucks maintained the airline inspired window shades in the sleeper to promote the best sleeping environment light control in the industry, allowing drivers to rest regardless of the time of day.

From the Driver’s Seat

With the extensive hours drivers spend behind the wheel, the all-new Volvo VNL boasts customizable features to minimize fatigue and enhance the driving experience. Innovations include ergonomic seating options, optimized pedal positions, and intuitively placed controls to ease operation and reduce distractions.

New inboard driver’s seat controls simplify seat adjustments and include seat slide, recline, and swivel to make it easier for drivers to find their most comfortable seating position. An all-in-one stalk with a twist-knob gear selector was added for more intuitive shifting and easier access to the engine brake. Volvo’s Position Perfect Steering provides driver comfort with three-way movement and customizable wheel position. When paired with Volvo Dynamic Steering it provides a comfortable and accessible steering experience, reducing neck and shoulder strain, and promoting driver health and well-being.

An all-new 12-inch Digital Information Display (DID) replaces the analog gauges and can also access a backup camera view. Navigation can also be viewed on the DID or by using the optional 9-inch infotainment center. The infotainment center can also scroll through up to a total of seven exterior camera views. All external cameras are equipped with covers that open when the camera is selected and keep the lenses clear of water, dirt, and debris when not in use.

The infotainment center includes fully integrated ELD app through GeoTab so drivers can easily maintain their logs through the infotainment screen. Mount locations for external ELD devices are also available so it can be securely mounted on the dash or elsewhere in the cab. Drivers can safely review logs while resting or away from the truck simply by logging in on a smartphone or tablet.

The cab of the all-new Volvo VNL is designed according to Volvo Trucks’ leading crash test standards, incorporating features that help protect drivers in case of an accident. Cabs are constructed of high-strength steel which is up to three times stronger than aluminum and can deflect the energy of a crash to reduce the chance of injury. Close attention was paid to the design of the doors, with easy open and close doors and reinforced hinges. Driver front airbags come standard, while integrated side curtain airbags are available, a first in the North American industry. Additionally, the impact-absorbing dash and steering column protect drivers’ arms, legs, knees, and ankles. In the event of a rollover or airbag deployment, the truck can automatically call 911 via an innovative new safety feature. E-Call connects the driver to emergency services where cellular connectivity is available and provides precise location details.

‘Home Away From Home’ Living Environment

The interior of the all-new Volvo VNL is designed to provide drivers with an optimal working and resting environment for life on the road. The all-new Volvo VNL sleeper models offer a variety of bunk styles that provide the option of an extra sleeping area or additional storage with a load-protection lip and cargo net. Options include the standard flat bunk as well as a reclining bunk that allows drivers to have a chaise lounge setup or be slightly elevated during sleep. A versatile murphy-style pull down bunk is available on the VNL 840 and 860 providing easy access to the dinette, which also easily folds away into the wall to provide more space during non-resting hours. Additionally, a telescopic ladder to reach the optional upper bunk available on high-roof models. The ladder can be easily stored away for more usable cabin space and the adjustable top bunk rotates for better head clearance.

A variety of smart storage solutions are available to maximize space and convenience. The reclining and flat bunk options provide convenient under bed storage. Redesigned cabinets feature a latch system for secure storage and a convenient wardrobe unit tucked behind the driver seat. Expanded storage space also allows room for an optional oversized refrigerator in the larger sleeper models.

A streamlined control panel in the living area mirrors the control panel in the driving area and provides complete accessibility to lighting, audio, door locks, alarms, idle controls, and the HVAC. The fully integrated panel is located within easy reach of the bunk so drivers can customize the environment to their liking. An increased number of 120-volt outlets and plentiful USB and USB C plug spots provide enough versatile power options to support almost any device. Ambient lighting for the footwell, which can be controlled by a timer, allows night movement without having to turn on a bright overhead light.

The all-new Volvo VNL is a testament to Volvo Trucks’ commitment to driver safety, productivity, and overall well-being, delivering an optimized environment for work, life, and rest, and redefining comfort and operational efficiency in the heavy-duty trucking industry.

CAPTION: The all-new Volvo VNL sleeper models offer a variety of bunk styles that provide the option of an extra sleeping area or additional storage while still providing a large space for working or sitting.

CAPTION: The all-new Volvo VNL boasts customizable features to minimize fatigue and enhance the driving experience. Innovations include ergonomic seating options, optimized pedal positions, and intuitively placed controls to ease operation and reduce distractions.

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