Volvo VNR Electric Trucks Purchased to Launch Program Supporting Small Drayage Fleet Operators in SoCal

Two Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric trucks will be utilized to launch the pilot ONE Electric Truck Program, which offers small drayage fleets in Southern California a free three-month lease on the zero-tailpipe emission Volvo VNR Electric trucks. The ONE Electric Truck Program was developed by Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc., (ONE) a global container shipping company that services the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, to facilitate the transition to zero-emission vehicles for small drayage fleets which are essential to the operation of the ports. Volvo Trucks North America customer BoxLinks (member of LX Pantos) is ONE’s regional partner and purchased the two Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric trucks. BoxLinks will manage the leasing contract and operations on the program that will provide small fleets the opportunity to experience the benefits of the battery-electric truck and determine if it is an operational fit for their fleet prior to making a purchase decision.

“At Volvo Trucks North America, we’re excited about the transformative potential of electromobility. Our collaboration with BoxLinks and the ONE Electric Truck Program is a significant step in this direction,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America. “The Volvo VNR Electric trucks represent a total transportation solution, backed by an electromobility ecosystem of support. This unique initiative is about more than just expanding the adoption of electric trucks; it’s about supporting smaller fleets in their understanding of what the transition to zero emissions vehicles entails so that they can also prepare to drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.”

The ONE Electric Truck Program will manage the short-term rentals of electric trucks that are inclusive of charging, insurance, and the vehicle lease agreement. This comprehensive package is designed to make the transition to electric vehicles as seamless as possible for both independent operators and small fleets. Maintenance will be handled by Volvo Trucks Certified Electric Vehicle Dealer TEC Equipment – La Mirada and covered under the Volvo Gold Contract. The Volvo Gold Contract, Volvo Trucks’ premier service offering for the VNR Electric, is a turn-key solution that allows customers to have operational peace of mind with electric vehicles. The service offering includes scheduled and preventative maintenance, towing and vehicle repair including the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries to maximize peak vehicle uptime, performance, and productivity.

This innovative new program will deploy two enhanced Volvo VNR Electric trucks that feature a six-battery pack configuration with a total battery capacity of 565 kWh. The battery-electric truck offers up to a 250kW DC charge rate that can achieve an 80% charge in about 90 minutes. The Volvo VNR Electric is an ideal solution for drayage applications due to their limited daily mileage, predictable routes, and efficiency during idle time. The Volvo VNR Electric truck design facilitates easy loading and unloading in tight spaces, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The deployment of Volvo VNR Electric trucks at the Port of Los Angeles marks a significant stride towards sustainable freight transportation. The battery-electric trucks not only reduce emissions but also enhance driver comfort, especially during the hot summer months. Drivers can utilize the Volvo VNR Electric truck’s electric HVAC system to run air conditioning while waiting to be loaded or unloaded to adhere to the no-idle zone regulations within the port or run heat during cold weather deliveries and pickups. The Volvo VNR Electric truck also features standard heated and ventilated seats with a lumbar back cycler. This ensures a more comfortable environment for drivers and demonstrates Volvo Trucks’ commitment to creating innovative solutions that prioritize both environmental sustainability and driver well-being in the demanding logistics industry.

The ONE Electric Truck Program also includes charging at Forum Mobility's charging depot at the Port of Long Beach, conveniently located at 260 Pico Avenue, next to the terminals. Forum Mobility is building a network of charging depots around California’s busiest ports, and along common trucking routes to warehouse destinations. This network offers a one-stop solution that makes it easy for carriers servicing marine terminals to access battery-electric trucks.

The two Volvo VNR Electric trucks were funded in part by CARB’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP). The goal of HVIP is to accelerate the adoption of cleaner transport solutions by providing financial incentives for the purchase of hybrid and zero-emission vehicles. The ONE Electric Truck Program aligns with the HVIP program goals of supporting fleets in adopting zero-emission vehicles.

CAPTION: The ONE Electric Truck Program will provide small fleets with a free three-month lease of Volvo VNR Electric trucks that are inclusive of charging, insurance, the vehicle lease, and maintenance.

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