Volvo Connect debuts in North America as an all-inclusive fleet intelligence portal

Volvo Trucks North America has announced a new comprehensive portal to access Volvo Trucks’ digital services, providing fleets near real-time data on the progress and performance of trucks in operation. The new portal, Volvo Connect, provides a digital suite of state-of-the-art services and functions that provide fleets with a range of truck data, including vehicle speed, idle time, fuel consumption, seat belt usage, and historical route data.

"The Volvo Connect portal provides fleets with a deeper analysis of their truck data and not just a high-level scan. It can ensure their fleet is maximizing efficiency and profitability, with all trucks operating at peak performance."

Volvo Connect allows fleet managers to access the status of all Volvo trucks in their company that have a 4G Telematics Gateway and can help to ensure parameters for all trucks are set correctly for a truck’s specific transport assignment, even if a driver has made changes to an individual truck. Utilizing the Remote Diagnostics bundle with Remote Programming visibility, it is easy to see the trucks that have yellow or red fault codes, as well as any over-the-air software updates that are needed. The portal gives customers the ability to see alerts across the entire fleet, not just a truck-by-truck view, including what updates need to be made to specific trucks and which trucks are fully updated. Easy-to-read and exportable reports allow fleets to analyze trends to reveal key performance metrics, improving the efficiency and safety of both trucks and their drivers.

The digital platform also ensures that trucks are constantly monitored, helping to expedite repairs when needed. If a truck is flagged by Remote Diagnostics to come in for service, Volvo ASIST, the company’s web-based service management platform, will automatically send diagnostic data to the dealership or repair center before the truck arrives for service. Maintenance or updates can be scheduled when it is convenient for the driver reducing visits to the dealership or repair center, as well as unplanned downtime.

The robust portal is also designed for upcoming expansion. “We’ll continue to add more features, tools, and capabilities in the future to provide fleet managers with the information needed to make effective, data-based decisions about their fleet,” according to Gustafson.

Volvo Connect provides instant access for:

Driving Progress

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