Opt-Out of Volvo Truck's Remote Diagnostics

By submitting this form, you will cancel your Telematics Subscription Agreement ("TSA") and cancel your benefits ofVolvo Truck's Connected Vehicle Services ("CVS").

CVS allows you to manage vehicle maintenance and repair in a cost-effective manner by providing, among other services: proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance with detailed analysis of diagnostic trouble codes; streamlined service procedures with parts-on-hand confirmation before a truck arrives for service; and live dealer and customer communication. The net result is an elimination or reduction in diagnostics time, enhanced repair efficiency, expedited decision process, improved communications and lower total costs. By canceling your subscription agreement and CVS, your vehicle may stop receiving automatic updates to electronic control units and diagnostic algorithms.

Cancelling this TSA will not end the transmission of data from one or more recording devices outfitted on your vehicle (the "Telematics Device") or the collection of such telematics data by Volvo Trucks. Volvo Trucks representatives may access telematics data, to the extent it is available, and use it in connection with providing services and vehicle improvements to you. Volvo Trucks will regularly purge from its systems all data collected from your Telematics Device, at time intervals determined by Volvo Trucks at its sole discretion.

If you would still like to cancel these services, please provide the following information requested in the form below. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Volvo Action Service at 1-800-52-VOLVO, or email remotediagnostics@volvo.com.