Volvo Introduces Auto Neutral for I-Shift


This new feature puts the new generation I-Shift in neutral when the parking brake is set.

Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce that auto neutral is now available on vehicles equipped with GHG 2017 engines and the new generation I-Shift. This feature is offered on the following Volvo I-Shift options:

Auto neutral will put the I-Shift transmission into neutral when the parking brake is set. Once the park brake is released, the shifter will need to be placed in drive (D) for the transmission to go back into gear. Auto neutral improves jobsite safety for a variety of applications such as mixers where remote throttle is often utilized.

Auto neutral will be available in TM2 for order in mid-May and until then, auto neutral can be activated via the parameter (P1NFD) setting in Premium Tech Tool for trucks already on the ground (this may require a transmission software update).

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