Volvo Introduces Paver Assist for VHD Models


This new feature is desirable in Paving applications and allows the operator to go directly from Neutral to Drive without a service brake application.

Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce that Paver Assist is now available on VHD straight dump trucks equipped with GHG 2017 engines and new generation I-Shift. This feature is available on the following Volvo I-Shift options:

Paver Assist is a special I-Shift feature that lets drivers engage drive without first applying the brakes when transitioning from neutral (being pushed by a paver) to operation (pulling away). This helps eliminate a disturbance in the pavement laying process. Paver Assist can also be used in other slow speed applications when a vehicle needs to drive away without applying the brakes. Instead, when the vehicle is rolling very slowly, shift from Neutral to Drive while depressing the “+” button on the shifter.

Paver Assist can be activated via the parameter (P1OM4) setting in Premium Tech Tool.

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