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Volvo Service & Maintenance Intervals

Service at a Glance

Our service and maintenance intervals prepare your truck for whatever lies ahead. For VNM, VNL, VNR, VNX, VHD, and VAH model years 2011 and newer, you can select your maintenance parts and level from the dropdowns below to view your interval schedule.

View Maintenance Intervals Chart (2017 and newer)

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Maintenance Part

 VDS-4.5 Oil Specification (Model Year 2017+) ({6AF75A5A-FFAC-49B2-9471-F4C7D7EE98B7}) ![][image1]

Maintenance Level

Normal Duty | Greater than 6mpg - Less than 39L/100km ({EDBED8E2-66BA-4029-B581-09C6C0E73B32})

D11 / D13 with 42L/44qt Oil Pan: Volvo VDS-4.5 Oil, Filters and Fuel Filters (Replace)

If idle time is greater than 30%, use the next lower drain interval. Note: Actual fuel filter service intervals may vary based on fuel quality and vehicle application. For additional information, reference service document 170/Description, Design and Function/Diesel Fuel.

60,000* / 55,000** mi

95,000* / 90,000** km

1,700* / 1,600** hours

*Volvo Premium Motor Oil VDS-4.5/ **Other Volvo Approved VDS-4.5 Oil

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