The very shape of the all-new Volvo VNL is a revolution.

Fuel efficiency is just the beginning.

Beautiful design. Aerodynamic, functional purpose. The all-new Volvo VNL.
Drive with high-performance style

Discover the exterior that makes a statement.

  • Core level
  • Edge level
  • Edge black level
  • Ultimate level

Streamlined, even standing still

The shrink-wrapped hood and optimized wedge-shaped cab create more efficient airflow from the front of the hood to the end of the sleeper.

Cab fairing extensions

New cab fairing extensions connect airflow from cab to trailer, improving overall aerodynamic performance.

Aerodynamic windshield

Our new aerodynamic windshield was designed with a sloped-A pillar and aggressive curvature to help reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency.


Low ground effects, front wheel closeouts, and a reduced height front fender work together with FlowBelow tailored drive wheel panels to further reduce drag and guide airflow.

Camera Monitoring System*

Greater view support meets reduced drag with our Camera Monitoring System. The system can replace traditional door and hood mirrors with aero-designed cameras linked to intuitively placed video monitors within the cab.

*Camera Monitoring System not available on current production, details to come in late 2024.

Grille and bumper

Redesigned grille opening and air intake optimize airflow, efficiently manage cooling, and vent engine heat while minimizing drag. The new bumper has a lower profile that guides more air to balance aerodynamics and cooling.

You immediately notice the curved windshield and more angular profile. But they’re just the beginning of the aerodynamic breakthroughs on our most fuel-efficient VNL ever.

Chassis fairings

Upgraded chassis fairings feature a single, intuitive quick-release hatch for more secure fastening, easier removal, and optimal chassis access.

Fairing extensions

New foldable side fairing extenders pair with improved cable storage for easier exterior access to the back of the cab.

Front wheel closeouts

The front wheel closeouts reduce the gap between the fender and the wheel well. These closeouts guide more air away from the wheel opening and reduce turbulence under the hood.

Ground effects

The all-new VNL’s chassis fairings now feature extended ground effects that hug the road and allow fewer disturbances as air passes down the cab.