Living well, working well.

Comfortable living for optimal driving.

We’ve redesigned the all-new VNL’s living environment to help drivers sleep better, so they can work better.

Fully integrated controls

The all-new VNL’s streamlined, bunk-accessible control panel provides direct access to lighting, audio, door locks, alarms, battery controls, and the most advanced climate control in the industry— Volvo’s Integrated Parking Cooler.

Get the right kind of rest

Whether it’s the reclining bunk, the plentiful USB and 120V plug options, upgraded insulation, or the surprisingly quiet climate control, the all-new VNL’s sleeper area is more comfortable and packed with amenities.
Our reclining mattress, an industry-first, is available in most VNL models. The popular dinette option is still available as well, thanks to the new versatile foldable bunk stowable bed design that secures against the back wall much like a murphy bed. This provides an incredibly large space for working or sitting.

The short climb to quality rest

Space is always at a premium on the road. The telescopic ladder in our larger VNL sleepers provides safe, easy upper bunk access and collapses for convenient storage.

More space = more comfort

The all-new VNL continues our tradition of spacious storage. Secure, expanded storage throughout the cabin that’s smart and easy to find. The upper bunk provides an extra sleeping area or additional storage thanks to the load-protection lip and cargo net.

Full control of a full night’s rest

The combination of an overlapping, magnetic curtain and airplane style window shades give the driver full control over light levels in their sleep environment. Sleeper curtains are also available with an optional thermal barrier for warmer or colder locations.

Lower fuel bills. Perfect temperatures. Sleep well.

Volvo’s Parking Cooler is a fully integrated, battery-powered cooling system. Run up to a full overnight without having to auto-start the engine for recharge, so there’s less noise and idling.

Reducing emissions and operating costs

From improved cab insulation to lower rpm standard idle settings and a new battery-powered HVAC option, our latest idle management innovations can help reduce emissions, improve engine wear, and save money on fuel costs.

The best appliances for your home on the road

Sleeper models of the all-new VNL feature the largest refrigerators on the market, with an option for oversized 80L refrigerator units for our largest models.