Leading the charge on safety.

Our pioneering focus on safety yields innovation yet again.

The all-new VNL's Volvo Active Safety Platform with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is the latest step in our commitment to developing next-generation safety and accident prevention technologies.

Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go

Set speed with Adaptive Cruise Control to identify vehicles ahead, calculate their speed, and adjust the powertrain to avoid collisions...even in stop-and-go traffic.


Forward collision avoidance

Forward collision avoidance helps drivers keep a safe distance, whether via adaptive cruise mode to avoid constant braking while adapting to the speed of the vehicles ahead or audible and visual warnings if the truck gets too close.


Pedestrian detection

Short and long-range detection is primed to warn drivers about pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstructions smaller than a vehicle.


Active Driver Assist

Configurable visual and audio alerts help course correct lane drift and drowsy driving for safer, more secure travel. Choose the alerts you need, silence the alerts you don’t–such as during construction zone driving, where sudden lane changes need to be made.


Blind Spot Detection

Drivers can use dash controls to manage audiovisual and haptic feedback blind spot alerts, keeping an eye on out-of-sight areas on both sides of the truck.


Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS)

Volvo Dynamic Steering with standard Active Driver Assist provides continuous road dampening and drive support for various road conditions. VDS with Oversteer Guidance helps avoid rollover events with additional lane keep support and optional personal settings.


Road Sign Recognition

The VNL’s forward-looking camera recognizes many road signs ahead of time, displaying them right in the instrument panel. Overspeed warnings, based on the last posted speed limit sign, can also be enabled.


911 Emergency Calling

The all-new VNL includes e-call as a standard driver protection feature, sending out an automated 911 call and location information in the event of a rollover or airbag deployment.


Passive rollover protections

During an accident, the vehicle's protective measures, including its High-Strength Steel cab, impact-absorbing dash, and automatic engine shutdown upon airbag deployment, collaborate to minimize the driver's risk and potential injuries.

Intelligent safety lighting

Headlights can switch high beams on and off automatically while cornering lights provide improved visibility when entering and exiting turns or curves at low speeds.

Driver and passenger-side air bags

The steering wheel airbag features a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) and can deploy in seconds. Side Curtain Airbags help reduce risk of severe head and neck injuries.

Smoke and CO detectors

Optional alarms can warn drivers when increased levels of smoke or carbon monoxide are detected and help reduce the risk of smoke inhalation.

Flared frame rail

Volvo’s unique design enables the engine and transmission to sit lower in the frame rail. Both drop to the ground in a frontal collision providing an added layer of driver safety.