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As the fueling infrastructure for natural gas becomes increasingly plentiful, more and more delivery, distribution and regional fleets are seeking to leverage the benefits of this fuel. Dedicated, factory-built, natural gas engines, the Cummins ISL G and ISX12 G are proven alternative-fuel solutions.

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The ISL G shares much of its design with Cummins L Series diesels, including the same full-skirted block for increased rigidity and strength. The design provides superior piston ring and bearing life, improved coolant flow and targeted-piston cooling. With five available ratings from 250-320 hp, and 660-1000 lb-ft of torque, the high torque and broad power band of the ISL G is ideal for delivery and drayage applications up to 66,000 pounds GCW.


The ISX12 G is based on the Cummins ISX12 diesel platform. Featuring the same proven EGR, spark ignition and simple aftertreatment as the Cummins ISL G engine, the ISX12 G delivers strong pulling power with heavy-duty durability. With five available power ratings from 320 to 400 hp, and 1150-1450 lb-ft of torque, the ISX12 G is well-suited for regional-haul and LTL distribution applications up to 80,000 pounds GCW.

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