Top fuel efficiency. Top performance. Maximum agility. No Compromise.

I-Torque’s versatile design delivers a new level of performance— no matter what your haul looks like.

Up to


Fuel savings

Up to



Up to


Freight efficiency

*within 55 - 85 MPH driving range

What if a trucker designed a truck?

“You used to have to choose between power and efficiency. We set out to fix that.”
- Joel Morrow

What’s included

D13 Turbo Compound engine

A truly unique engine for a truly unique truck. Available only for Volvo VNL, the D13TC brings even better fuel economy savings and more power.

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I-Shift transmission

The 13-speed I-Shift combines the fuel efficiency advantages of direct drive with the performance and flexibility of overdrive, optimizing the truck’s speed and gear shifting in the most fuel efficient way for any type of route or terrain.

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Volvo I-See predictive cruise control

I-See employs real-time map-based data and GPS position to map road topography. Together with the dynamic performance and variable gearing of the I-Shift transmission, I-See becomes an intelligent cruise control that uses its knowledge of the road to save time and fuel.

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Adaptive gear shift

When steep-grade startability and low-speed maneuverability are critical, the I-Shift with Crawler Gears is the answer for maximum GCW loads, enabling controlled travel at extremely slow speeds.

We’ve gathered

4.3 billion miles

worth of data on the D13TC engine.

See how much you could save.

Discover potential fuel savings by comparing the revolutionary D13TC with some of our previous engine models.

D13TC Calculator

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