The Volvo VHD sets new standards for vocational trucks

“Volvo’s latest innovations are all over this truck.”

John Felder, Product Marketing Manager, talks about the new VHD.

Why did Volvo Trucks decide to upgrade the VHD?

We wanted to change the picture a little bit with the new VHD. It’s always been wonderfully competent truck. And it has evolved over the years, but 97% of market hasn’t had exposure to this truck. We wanted to tie it to the rest of the Volvo Trucks family visually and give this latest edition of the VHD a big introduction.

What are some details that drivers are going to notice that makes their lives easier?

Before you get in the truck you’d notice that the ignition is now on the lower left-hand side, so now you can be standing on the ground and reach up and turn on the engine, or turn on the PTO. Inside the truck is much quieter and cleaner. The mats are heavier, thereby reducing noise. New engine has wave pistons, so it’s very quiet. The new steering wheel is easier to drive. The extra buttons and the way they’re laid out is very nice. The ergonomic seats are better for drivers. It’s a lot of little things that add up to a much more comfortable and productive truck.

What new technology can we expect in the truck?

Volvo’s latest innovations are all over this truck. It has Volvo Active Driver Assist, because we want to bring that safety technology to the vocational market. Volvo Dynamic Steering, which is helpful when backing at slow speeds. Hill start assist, so when you’re on an incline and brake, then need to release the break to accelerate, the truck will hold for three seconds to prevent. We have T-Ride articulated suspension, which applies pressure to keep the wheels on the ground. There’s a new cluster with remote programming so software upgrades can be handled easily. Everything we’ve been working to bring to the transport market is in this truck.

Body Builder Support As part of the introduction of the new VHD, Volvo enhanced support for aftermarket body builders.

Vocational Experts Dealer sales teams work with consultants at Volvo Trucks to select initial specifications for the VHD based on the customer’s application and the body builder’s requirements. A special team has been created within the Uptime Center specifically for body builders to call with any questions after the vehicle has been delivered.

Online Resources Manuals, wiring diagrams, tools and training are available online 24/7 through in our body builder support section.

Driving Progress

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