MORE SAVINGS FOR MORE FLEETS New Volvo I-Torque™ improves fuel efficiency and productivity for more applications

The new Volvo I-Torque system can now offer real bottom line savings for fleets that run a wide variety of terrain and road speed. It provides the fuel efficiency of a direct drive and the performance of overdrive, achieving up to 8.5 miles per gallon when running posted road speeds reaching 85 MPH. Performance can vary based on duty cycle, load, driver behavior and other factors, but the improvement can represent a 31% increase in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency sweet spot. It provides more horsepower at lower RPMs than any other highway use engine under 16 liters. So, there is no compromise on performance to achieve fuel efficiency.

"We saw the issue clearly with customers again and again. So many fleets are running interstate routes that take them through the mountains or they are running through states like California with lower highway speed limits."

John Bartel, Volvo Trucks director of product strategy-driveline.

“They need their truck to be versatile enough to run at 55 or 85, in the hills or on the flats. To be competitive today, that truck needs to be fuel efficient without sacrificing performance.”

I-Torque starts with the latest generation D13TC engine, featuring fully optimized turbo compound technology. The industry benchmark I-Shift transmission integrates with the latest version of Volvo’s I-See, employing map-based road topography. The truck’s speed and gearshifting is managed in the most fuel-efficient way on any route and terrain. By combining the TC engine’s efficiency and the 13-speed I-Shift overdrive transmission with the 2.15 rear axle ratio, Volvo provides two very efficient top gears to drive in. Driving at 65 MPH or in rolling hills, you have a very efficient direct drive top gear with excellent gradeability. Speed up to 70+ MPH and I-Torque morphs into a very efficient overdrive top gear with an incredibly quiet driver experience.

Excellent startability is achieved even with the 2.15 rear axle ratio, thanks to the 13-speed I-Shift’s crawler gear. The crawler gear option also makes backing easier as well. Joel Morrow, senior driver and vice president for fleet equipment procurement at Ploger Transportation was involved in initial testing for I-Torque. “Volvo has combined the benefits of direct drive and overdrive through their expertise in downspeeding, and they’ve made rear axle ratios as low as 2.15-2.18 with overdrive possible. This enables lower RPMs with more power.”

An expected added benefit of driving at lower RPMs is less vibration and noise according to Bartel, “It makes for a high performing truck with a very quiet cab. We expect drivers will love to drive it and fleets will love the profitability.”

What makes I-Torque work

I-Torque is a combination of technologies working together to produce increased fuel efficiency.

Driving Progress

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