Designing the dashboard and infotainment system for the new Volvo VNR regional haul series and Volvo VNL long-haul series began with the simple concept of making everything easier for the driver to access.

The result places the most commonly used switches closest to the driver’s hands, either on the steering wheel or right nearby. The infotainment system, with both touch screen and physical controls, offers more than just high-end audio. It helps with navigation and communication while also displaying safety information and warnings from the onboard collision avoidance technology system, Volvo Active Driver Assist. All this helps not only modernize each new Volvo truck but also increases driver productivity and satisfaction while the new dash layout and infotainment system keeps drivers connected through 19 new controls on the steering wheel, Bluetooth, apps, and exterior camera options.

Position Perfect Steering Wheel

Only Volvo offers Position Perfect Steering, the new three-motion adjustable steering wheel. Not only can drivers tilt and telescope the steering wheel, they also can tilt the wheel relative to the steering column. This feature allows the wheel to be positioned more vertically like a car’s steering wheel, reducing fatigue on the driver’s arms, neck and shoulders, regardless of their size.

Steering Wheel Controls

The most commonly used controls are now located on the steering wheel or on the steering column. This allows for not only putting more switches in smaller places, but also placing interactional controls at a driver’s fingertips for ease of use.

New Infotainment System

Volvo’s new integrated infotainment system features a seven-inch color touchscreen, navigation and an exterior back-up camera. A premium audio system is integrated with the infotainment system, which also features Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay for the ultimate in connectivity.

The Ultimate Driver’s Seat Is Available With Rolltek

Volvo took an industry leading National seat base and then crafted the cushions for better comfort. Not only does it move more than before, but Volvo also worked with drivers and designers to produce a seat with better ergonomics and orthopedic supports to reduce driver fatigue, which helps increase safety. The Rolltek option adds a rollover airbag for the driver in the event of a rollover crash.

Not Just Any Cup Holder

The new, removable cup holders fit into a modular rail system, which holds up to four drinks, so drivers can place beverages exactly where they want them.

Driving Progress

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