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Next generations Volvo Active Driver Assist now offers enhanced alerts, improved awareness, and emergency braking

The next generation Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA), a comprehensive collision mitigation system, is now standard on Volvo VNR, VNL and VNX models and is also available on the new VHD. The system enhances the original VADA platform by integrating emergency braking with radar and camera capabilities, to help drivers maintain a safe following distance through alerts and improved traffic awareness.

“The Volvo Active Driver Assist technology we first introduced with Bendix Wingman Fusion in 2017 was a groundbreaking achievement for safety through automation,” said Johan Agebrand, product marketing director, Volvo Trucks North America. “Continuing that partnership, we have improved the capabilities of this collision mitigation technology across the board and are confident that the next generation VADA will further enhance safety for all motorists.”

VADA uses camera and radar sensors to detect motorized vehicles within the vehicle’s proximity. The technology enables a series of features to activate driver alerts and foundation braking according to information detected by these advanced sensors. The VADA 2.0 enhanced features include Automatic Emergency Braking; Lane Departure Warning; Highway Departure Warning; Adaptive Cruise Control with Cruise Auto Resume; and Driver Awareness Support, an in-cab windshield-mounted camera with data capture support to enhance driver coaching and data availability.

“We are excited to introduce these improvements to Volvo Active Driver Assist as standard in our truck models, representing the next generation of active safety products,” said Ashraf Makki, Product Marketing Manager – Technology, Volvo Trucks North America. “Every feature included in this new technology offers additional safety benefits for our customers and professional drivers.”

Future VADA updates are expected to include Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Stop & Driver Go, Lane Change Support with audible alert adjustment, and standalone data capture options without the need for Lane Departure Warning.

"Every feature included in this new technology offers additional safety benefits."

Ashraf Makki, Product Marketing Manager
Volvo Trucks North America

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